A fellowship of former badge carrying members of the Canadian Forces Military Police.

About Us

The Canadian Association of Military Police Veterans (CAMPVETS) is a non-profit fellowship of former badge carrying members of the Canadian Forces Military Police.  Initially formed on 19 November 2004, CAMPVETS is currently headquartered in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia, however, its membership stretches nationally and internationally.
We are very mindful of the sacrifices made by our predecessors in the Canadian Provost Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force Police and the Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch, and equally proud of their hard earned traditions. It is from their legacies that the Canadian Forces created the Military Police Branch, symbolized by the insignia of the Thunderbird.
We invite you to browse through the site, and if you are a retired member of the CF Military Police, we invite you to join the ranks of our membership.  Commenting on this site is encouraged, however, while we are very receptive to regimental rivalry, the odd hip-check, and good natured ribbing, we frown on inappropriate language, personal attacks against any of our members (whether they deserve it or not), and of course any negative comments against His Majesty.
We do accept digital photographs and scanned images of memorabilia relating to the CF Military Police, and will endeavor to add them to the page. Our goal is to obtain a cross section of memories spanning the history of the Military Police Branch. As always, it is our hope to become a conduit for our retired members to contact each other, and to renew the friendships that can only be found in a police organization as unique as ours.
We look forward to watching this site grow, and to laughing at our screens as we read some of the more famous yarns being re-spun by our retired members. When I joined years ago, I was told that one of the most important traits of a good policeman was a sense of humor, and we have all witnessed some infamous people within our trade openly flaunting those characteristics. Here is the place to relive the ones that can be told in public, we’ll save the ones that can’t for Mess Dinners and the like.

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